Stow N' Go


GlowStep Stow N’ Go slide on truck camper steps are specifically designed to be easily stowed and locked during transit. They eliminate the hassle of removing and storing steps everytime you travel. The Stow N’ Go is the the best way to carry and store your steps, right where you want to use them. They come standard with storage bracket, GlowStep entry system and All Terrain Landing Gear to accommodate any type of terrain.


Easily folded up to the stored position  the Stow N’ Go steps remain mounted to the back of the slide on truck camper or bumper which helps prevent a dirty RV interior or the need to find a secure place to store your steps to avoid damage during transit. With this convenient step bracket, don’t worry about unnecessary movement of the steps when in transit or driving on rough terrain. The special nylon retainer system of the Stow N’ Go eliminate step movement – steps snap securely into place for storage. As an added bonus, you can also use the GlowStep Locks for theft prevention.

The Stow N’ Go steps comes standard with the All Terrain Landing Gear and features adjustable feet that ensure solid placement on any type of terrain. This level of stability is simply unmatched. Can you imagine feeling that kind of step security wherever your slide on camper takes you? By embedding strong and steady step feet to the ground each time you deploy the camper steps, you  can safely enter and exit the camper.

If you already own a set of the GlowSteps, you can choose to purchase just the Stow N’ Go bracket to upgrade your camper steps. This Stow N’ Go system is mounted to a truck camper bumper or to the back of a camper underneath the door. The Stow N’ Go ranges in three to six steps and includes the ability to add or remove steps.







  • Avoid storing steps inside the RV and eliminate the hassle of detaching steps during transit
  • Prevents dirty RV interior and damage from step movement
  • Secures into place to prevent movement
  • Designed for easy “stow-and-go” step operation for truck campers – simply pull the handle to deploy and store truck camper steps
  • Mounts to the truck camper bumper or directly to the truck camper below the door — Requires a 23” x 3.5” mounting area
  • Prevent step movement during transit with the bolt-on stabilizing bracket plate features nylon studs – steps snap securely into place for storage
  • Steps are lockable with GlowStep Locks to prevent theft (sold separately)
  • To stabilize steps on uneven terrain, the Stow N’ Go comes standard with the All Terrain Landing Gear adjustable feet.
  • Mounting Bracket available in white or black high impact powder coat for extreme durability to match the color of your camper
  • Ability to add or remove steps
  • Sold in applications for 3-6 steps
  • Steps glow in the dark for up to ten hours with only five minutes of light exposure – no batteries necessary
  • Steps are specially designed with SureGrip™ step tread which provides no-slip surface for easy entry and exit of camper
  • Accessories sold separately: GlowGuide Handrail, SafeStep pet safety barriers and DirtDestroyer shoe cleaning attachment
  • Legendary Lifetime Warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA


How many steps do you need? 

Follow these simple steps to determine your fitment.

Step 1: Load your camper in your truck bed so your measurement is accurate. If you measure your camper at a different height than intended use, your step measurement will be inaccurate. 
Step 2: Determine mounting location. You will need a flat mounting area of 3.5 inches tall and 23 inches wide underneath the truck camper doorway. The steps can also attach to the truck camper bumper.
Step 3: Number of steps. Measure from the desired mounting location to the ground. Use the “Entry Height” measurement ranges on the chart below to find how many steps you need.

GlowStep Stow N' Go Specifications


Glow Step Stow N' Go Step Dimensions Mounting Entry Maximum Part Number
  Width x Depth Bracket Height Weight  
GlowStep Stow N' Go - 3 Step  50.8cm x 21.75cm 54.6cm 60cm  to 78cm 170kg† White Bracket A7843
  20"  X 8.56" 21.5"  23.5" To 30.5" 375 Lbs†  Black Bracket A7833
GlowStep Stow N' Go - 4 Step 50.8cm x 21.75cm 54.6cm 79cm to 97cm 170kg† White Bracket A7844
  20"  X 8.56" 21.5"  31" To 38" 375 Lbs†  Black Bracket A7834
GlowStep Stow N' Go - 5 Step 50.8cm x 21.75cm 54.6cm 98cm to 117cm 147.5kg† White Bracket A7845
  20"  X 8.56" 21.5"  38.5" To 46" 325 Lbs†  Black Bracket A7835
GlowStep Stow N' Go - 6 Step 50.8cm x 21.75cm 54.6cm 118cm to 137cm 147.5kg† White Bracket A7846
  20"  X 8.56" 21.5"  46.5" To 54" 325 Lbs†  Black Bracket A7836


See the complete GlowStep Stow n' Go range