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We are now able to offer our customers in Australia access to all Happijac products. However the new price list from Happijac together with the high cost of freight from the USA and the current currency exchange rate makes these products a lot more expensive than was previously the case. There is nothing we can do about this at present.  Listed in our store are the main products and we have a list below of all other Happijac products but you will need to contact us for a quote on these items.

There has been a number of changes to the Happijac product range.  Below we have listed some of these changes based on information received from Happijac.  Note that the Happijac website in the USA has not yet been updated with these changes.

Note that in the USA and Canada the jacks that lift and lower slide on truck campers are called JACKS whereas in Australia they are more often referred to as LEGS.  To avoid confusion we have used the term LEG JACKS.

Happijac Leg Jacks

Happijac now offer two sizes in Leg Jacks - the 4220 and the 4820.  The 4220 replaces previous models (4100, 4150, 4160, 4500, 4600, 4560, 4660). The 4220 has the same lift of 34.5" but has the ability to lift 2200lb whereas the 4150 models had a 1500lb lift capacity and the 4500 models had a 1900lb lift capacity. The 4820 replaces the 4800 model and appears to be basically identical to that model with 36.5" of lift and a 2800lb lift capacity.  Both of the new model leg jacks are fully interchangeable with existing Happijac motors and brackets.       Note that the new models are both listed as "Acme Screw Jacks" and it could be possible that they would lift and lower at slightly different speeds than the older models, particularly the 4500 and 4600 models which were "Ball Screw Jacks".

Happijac Leg Jack Motors

Happijac have released a new motor or drive head.  It is a Vertical Orientation Clutchless, Current Sensing (CCS) Drive Head. . This new CCS motor will only work with the new 4220 and 4820 leg jacks and requires a new CCS control board and CCS remote control unit.  The new CCS motors are not designed to work with the older leg jacks like the 4160 and 4800 as they could cause these leg jacks to break or shear roll pins in the leg jacks. The current model Happijac motor (Part No. 182515) is still available,but will eventually be discontinued.

Happijac Control Boards and Remote Controls. 

The existing Control Boards and remote control units have been made obsolete, according to the new price list. However Happijac have a new remote and control board that works with the old model motors (182515). The new Main Logic Board or Control Board (Part 733513) will is compatible with both the current model motors as well as the new CCS motors. The new Wireless Remote Control unit (Part 723915) is also compatible


We ship all Happijac product direct from the USA warehouse.  The prices quoted include delivery to your door.  Delivery takes around 3 weeks.  Note we have no control of shipping and sometimes there are delays. It is cheaper to ship this way as product stocked at our Australian site incurs additional domestic shipping costs.  We can organise shipping in 4 to 5 days but the cost of the parts just about doubles!

Urgent Orders 

We carry some stock on hand, for my Northern Lite customers. We can make this available for immediate shipping but it does incur additional freight (not for Northern Lite owners!).  Generally we keep a small supply of motors, control boards, remotes and some leg jacks.

Other Happijac Products

The following is a list of available Happijac parts, some of which we have listed and others we have no information on but are able to get full details and a price if required.

Price Change 182860 CA-FD4; Tiedown Kit
Price Change 182861 CA-FD7; Tiedown Kit
Price Change 182864 CA-MT; Tiedown Kit
Obsolete 290912 Wireless Jack Controls with Coiled Cable
Price Change 149557 Remote Control Coiled Cable White
Price Change 182436 Standard 4" Crank Handle
Price Change 182491 Single 5" Z-Lower Bracket (rear)
Price Change 182492 Single 16" L-Mounting Bracket (front)
Price Change 182493 Single 16" Z-Mounting Bracket
Price Change 182494 Single 16" T-Mounting Bracket
Price Change 182495 6" Lift Extenders (4 each)
Price Change 182496 Swing Out Extension Brackets (1 Pair)
Price Change 182515 Single Electric Motor Drive Head
Obsolete 182522 Motor Drive Assembly with Wireless Remote, 20A
Price Change 182524 Wiring Kit for Electric Option
Price Change 182912 Hex Drive Drill Adapter
Obsolete 183069 Wireless Main Logic Board
Obsolete 183070 Wireless Remote Controller, 20A
New 742318 Wireless Jack Controls with Coiled Cable - 25A
New 723914 Wireless Main Logic Board - 25A
New 723915 Wireless Remote Controller - 25A and CCS
New 723916 Wireless Upgrade Kit - 25A - Remote Controller and Wireless Logic Board
New 728520 Motor Drive Assembly W/Wireless Remote - 25A
New 759927 Single CCS Motor Head (Vertical Orientation), White
New 733513 Clutchless, Current Sensing (CCS) Wireless Main Logic Board
New 733540 Wireless Upgrade Kit - CCS Upgrade Kit - Remote Controller and Wireless Logic Board
New 733960 Clutchless, Current Sensing (CCS) Motor Drive Assy with Wireless Remote
Price Change 1824362 Long 8" Crank Handle
Obsolete 308169 Single 4160 Acme Screw Jack - 1,500#
Price Change 313774 Single 4800 Heavy Duty Acme Screw Jack with 51" Outer Tube - 2,800#
Obsolete 720381 Single 4200 Jack - 2,200#
New 736514 Single 4220 Acme Screw Jack - 2,200#
New 736515 Single 4820 Acme Heavy Duty Screw Jack - 2,800#
Price Change 182904 FT-CG07; Tiedown Kit
Price Change 182905 FT-CG07S; Tiedown Kit
Price Change 182906 FT-CG9; Tiedown Kit
Price Change 182908 FT-DR2; Tiedown Kit
Price Change 182910 FT-UT9; Tiedown Kit
Price Change 184089 DF-TT07; Tiedown Kit
Price Change 205220 FT-DR8; Tiedown Kit
Price Change 236326 FT-DR10; Tiedown Kit
Price Change 350763 FT-CG14; Tiedown Kit
Price Change 149813 11" Threaded Hook (Zinc Plated)
Price Change 149814 24" Threaded Hook (Zinc Plated)
Price Change 182852 Chrome Anchor Bolt (Including Hardware)
Price Change 182865 Chrome Coupler
Price Change 182866 Universal Rear Anchor
Price Change 182870 FA-CG07 Front Anchor Plates (Set of 2)
Price Change 182871 FA-CG07S Front Anchor Plates (Set of 2)
Price Change 182872 FA-CG9 Front Anchor Plates (Set of 2)
Price Change 182876 FA-UT9 Front Anchor Plates (Set of 2)
Price Change 182877 Replacement Kit for FT-CG07 / CG07S
Price Change 182878 Replacement Kit for FM / FT-CG9
Price Change 182883 Centering Guide Lock Spacer Kit for 1999+ Ford with Tail Light - Camper Interference
Price Change 182884 Replacement Kit for FM / FT-UT9
Price Change 182885 Bumper Brace (1999-2007 F250 Super Duty & F350)
Price Change 182887 Bumper Brace (2007-2014 Chevrolet / GMC)
Price Change 182892 Front Centering Guide Locks (Includes 2 Rollers and 2 Bumpers)
Price Change 182894 Qwik-Load Lever-Action Turnbuckle Upgrade Kit
Price Change 182895 Qwik-Load Stainless Steel Turnbuckle Set
Price Change 182896 Qwik-Load Rear Stress-Guard Turnbuckle with 24" Threaded Hook
Price Change 182897 Qwik-Load Front Spring-Loaded Turnbuckle with 11" Threaded Hook
Price Change 182898 Stainless Steel Turnbuckle Set
Price Change 182900 Rear Stress-Guard Turnbuckle with 24" Threaded Hook
Price Change 182901 Front Spring-Loaded Turnbuckle with 11" Threaded Hook
Price Change 182928 57.375" Stabilizing Bar
Price Change 182930 69" Stabilizing Bar
Price Change 182931 66.75" Stabilizing Bar
Price Change 182971 59.25" Stabilizing Bar
Price Change 205221 56.875" Stabilizing Bar
Price Change 253561 Bumper Brace (2008-2014 F350 & F350 Super Duty)